Cafe Spice

Rebranding and New Packaging

About This Project

Cafe Spice brings Old World flavors to a new world craving new taste sensations, discovery and emotional enrichment. When we started working with New York’s Malhotra family, the brand was not engaging to consumers and the trade. The packaging was dull and ordinary with little shelf impact. We spent a couple of days with the owners and their team assessing and ideating the brand’s vision and communication strategy. It wasn’t long before we settled on the brand’s positioning, its promise: Cafe Spice is a taste experience that will add spice and richness to your life.

Café Spice is a taste experience that will add spice and richness to your life

At BrandWerks, we find that visual metaphors help immensely with creative direction and design. Indian cuisine is spicy and enriching, just like Indian culture, fashion and life: Colorful, vibrant and even spiritual. Imagery that’s symbolized in design elements like flowers, stars and paisley.


Working with Cafe Spice’s marketing and design team, we recommended a new, colorful design system that would extend throughout the entire product line. For packaging, a paperboard sleeve, to give the brand a premium upgrade complementing its gourmet quality. Extending the prepared food line to soups was simple. Our design system easily translated to labels. Refrigerated shelf impact is now vastly improved. The result is a rejuvenated brand that enriches…not only the consumer experience, but company revenues as Cafe Spice is now nationally distributed.

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