Meadery of the Rockies

Rebranding and New Packaging

About This Project

For Meadery of the Rockies to grow and reach out to mainstream consumers it was obvious to us that the brand needed a friendlier, more relevant image. It needed a complete rebranding, and with packaging that would stand out on the shelf. Strategically, we decided to focus on honey for a number of reasons. Besides being easier to understand, honey has many positive attributes.  So number one, we changed the brand’s statement of identity to simply, “Honey Wine”.

...we changed the brand’s statement of identity to simply, “Honey Wine

Then the brand’s identity. From our positioning work, we wanted to communicate, metaphorically, the brand’s roots in nature and nature’s simple goodness. Next, the icon itself. The current bee was too bold, lifeless, moth-like and scary…definitely not very inviting if we wanted to bring new consumers to the brand. Instead, we decided to add a bit of abstract whimsy with a friendlier bee and a vibrant color circle (sunshine, the top view of a wine glass, etc.) surrounded by “energetic” bee flight lines. Read the full story in our Blog, “A Honey of a Rebranding“.

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