Pueblo District 70 Mesa Schools

Advertising and Video Production

About This Project

Pueblo County Mesa Schools, District 70 has a secret that very few know about. It has a very unique program called “SEBS” (School of Engineering and Biomedical Sciences). It’s actually a “school within a school” for middle- and high-schoolers that thoroughly prepares these exceptional students for advanced college placement and viable careers. To promote the program to prospective students, parents and the community, the District needed to create a fun, involving message and get it out on social media and television.


For us, SEBS is a brand. And as a brand, its uniqueness first needed to be identified. We interviewed faculty, and most importantly, the students themselves. The students told us how the program helped them discover who they are, and what they might be. With the brand “discovered” (positioned), we got out the cameras. Boy, we’re we impressed. The students were motivated, smart, and incredibly articulate. And why not? After all, they are learning things most students will never experience: 3-D printing, robotics, CAD drawing, architecture, surgical and medical lab procedures, welding, computer programming, and much more. Working with our partner, Garlic Media Group, we shot video for two days. Several gigabytes of footage later, we edited the creativity and brain power we experienced. Please enjoy the TV commercial and the full promotional video.

Advertising, Video Production