Centennial Cellars Spritzers

A New Brand...from Concept to Consumer

About This Project

Talbott Farms is a leading, family-run agricultural company located in Palisade, on the Western Slope of Colorado. The family has been farming for six generations, over 100 years, since 1907. They are the state’s largest grower of those world renowned, always sought after Palisade peaches. Talbott also is the state’s largest grower of wine grapes, supplying some 34 wineries. In total, the family farms over 500 acres.


Working with the Talbotts, Brandwerks first developed a strategic plan to help evolve the company from its deep agricultural roots into a vertically-integrated and market-driven beverage company. We identified 10 viable beverage concepts, the first of which was a wine spritzer, made with real juice and premium wine from the family’s own orchards and vineyards. The product itself is light, flavorful and refreshing…and is lower calorie, similar to hard seltzers, which appeals to today’s alcohol beverage drinker looking for a natural and healthier alternative.


Brandwerks helped sell the product line into the Company’s alcohol beverage distributor and worked with, and mentored Talbott’s sales team to gain distribution and generate sale volume in liquor stores and foodservice venues. At Brandwerks, we have a tremendous amount of package foods expertise. Simply put, we know how to create brand success from concept to consumer.

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