Talbott’s Cider Co.

Brand and Distribution Development

About This Project

Talbott’s Cider Co. is a brand owned by Talbott Farms. It’s been around for five years and achieved good, but limited distribution within Colorado. When the 2020 COVID pandemic hit, sales immediately plummeted, primarily the result of the Company’s over reliance on foodservice distribution. Brandwerks has significant experience with alcohol beverage sales development, with hands-on expertise working with independent distributors and training/mentoring sales reps.


Working with Talbott’s young, sixth generation owners, Brandwerks’ John Recca created a new, urgent and professional sales-driven approach, focusing primarily on new retail accounts to build distribution, sales volume and cash flow. John trained and mentored the Company’s sales team and implemented new distributor programming and pricing programs that helped generate immediate gains. The new sales effort yielded dozens of new customers, including such high volume accounts as Costco, Whole Foods and Total Wine & More. By year-end 2020, sales increased dramatically, +23% in a very difficult year where competitors, and the category itself were flat at best.

Financial Planning, Marketing, Packaging, Sales & Distribution, Strategic Planning