Zep Commercial

Logo and Packaging Redesign

About This Project

Zep, based in Atlanta GA, is a leader in commercial and household cleaning products. The products are sold through distributors and home improvement retailers such as The Home Depot. Zep contacted us in search of an agency who could refresh its Zep Commercial brand and reclaim category leadership. The brand and its packaging needed serious improvements to elevate its image and reclaim its rightful position as the category leader with real professional cleaning power.


Immediately, we observed that Zep was getting lost on the shelf. The brand’s logo was small and not nearly as prominent as its competitors. Colors were dull, muted, and also black, which made the package recede into near oblivion on the shelf. More importantly, the brand looked ordinary, certainly not reflective of its market leading position. Our solution: Create a new, revitalized look. First, strengthen the brand’s position as “the real pro”. Enlarge the logo. Add brighter, cleaner open space, and imagery that promises power…real cleaning power. Welcome back, Zep!

Branding, Packaging